So I’m in Windsor today on my mini tour still. I didn’t have time to blog about Mevagissey so I thought I’d do it now 🙂 First let me say these days are the earliest I’ve been awake in probably months lol.  The train to my first stop was cancelled so I ended up having to take a bus to Bristol and then a short wait somewhere else. So I arrived at 4ish instead of 2, bleh. And of course it was Sunday in a small fishing village in Cornwall so one restaurant was serving at 4:30. But the food turned out good, I heard later the burger was terrible so apparently I just got lucky.  Yay me! The B&B was cute and clean and they were super nice and put me in a large ground floor double.

So Monday morning BRIGHT and early after a traditional Cornish breakfast I headed out in search of the Cornish Beach. The village isn’t exactly like the book, in topography, but I saw the inspiration right away. The beaches are a trek and a half without a car, but worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful rocky coastline. It was inspired. The walk there was beautiful, easy to find, and rugged. There was also a waterfallon the beach. It was just perfect.

The sandy beach was further on and had me lost,  cursing and swearing I was going to fall to my death alone on a country path lol. But when I got there, I had it, for a time all to myself. It was something out of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Windy and cloudy but still breath taking.  But of course then I was aboaolutely smashed. As I was walking back to the main road hoping to catch a bus, a kind local offered me a ride. I’ve never done that before but I took it. And said a prayer of thanks! Soooo needless to say I went back to the B&B and took a nap. After my siesta I went out for another amazing meal of local mussels in wine and cream at the Fountain Inn. And then, finally, it happened, I had my pub experience! I ended up chatting and drinking with a lovely couple until the bar closed. The local men’s choir also gave a little mini concert. So it was quintessential.

The next day tho 🙁 lol but I still got up early and had tomatoes on toast for breakfast, had to keep it light. Then off to the Lost Gardens of Heligan an old estate house with restored and massive gardens. No really, massive, jungle included. It was lovely and a bit what I imagine a Mr. Bingley’s estate might have been like, haha. In keeping with my local food theme I had “jacket potatos” for lunch. These are yummy soft fluffy backing king potatoes, I had mine with cheese and it comes with salad, healthy an local! Then I went back into the village and harbor for the last time, sigh. I got a pasty and walked the harbor eating and burned this memory of such rugged beauty and simplicity. It’s the kind of place I’d like to live as an older married person, and for a split second I longed for it, then my feet started talking at me and I went back to the B&B content.

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  1. shani malcolm says:

    Sounds amazing. I had to laugh picturing you taking a ride from a stranger. You must have been really tired of walking. lol. Where are the pics?

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