My first solo night out!

So its been pretty quiet around and I have been just doing everyday things, laundry, cooking, buying sponges to clean lol.  We got a flyer, at the house, for the nearby pub with specials and such and tonight was open mic night.  So I decided I was going to go and check it out, alone.  So far I have been lucky to have people around a lot and things to do (thanks to Kath, and the flatmates).  But I thought, ok I’ll strike out on my own.  And I am SOOO glad I did! I walked to the pub, in the light sprinkle of rain (ok for Cali that’s brave in itself). Once I arrived, I got a drink and found a seat. The first act was an older guy playing blues type songs.  He was alright! Funny song about being 40 and if you make it to 40 as a rock star you’re lucky.   Then came this amazing guy (and cute too) in more of a folk/rock type genre.  He was so so good.  During cute guy’s set, the host (of the open mic night) was across the table from me so I asked him if tonight was good/average/worst, which kicked off a night to remember!  The hosts name is Richard and we started chatting about music and such.  He knows a lot about Bath and Bristol and their music scenes.  Then towards the end of the night, Richard played and he played all these songs for me (being from California). It was a magical night!  I feel so lucky.  Everything about this trip has been better than I could have imagined. And to sum up the night, as I walked home, a light rain then snow started to fall, the kind that’s still warm to walk in and doesn’t soak you but looks beautiful.  Perfection.

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  1. Shani Malcolm says:

    Glad you had a good time. You know we both share a love of good live music and it’s always nice to be serenaded.

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    It was a pleasure to see you at The Bear and my pleasure to sing those great songs for you. A treat for me of course. I hope you’ll come and see us again. Rx

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