One month in, reflections

So I meant to do this Thusday but ended but going to Sue’s for a curry then Friday was busy getting ready for my trip and my sister is right Dowton Abbey is like English crack although I want to smack Mary lol.

A few things I’ve learned so far.

1. There is truly no place like the coasts of the USA. We have more diversity of people, food, architecture, sub-cultures everything. Sometimes this is a detriment, mostly it’s a gift. It’s wonderful to see a sense of community, of heritage, and of history here in the UK though, that’s what we miss.

2. While the USA is too far to one side on welfare the UK is too far to the other. Will any of us ever find a balance? These politicians need to study a bit more!

3. LA is actually home, I know who woulda thunk it. ¬†I’m learning home is where your life is, near friends and family. It’s a terrible place to date and the traffic is murder but the food is phenominal.

4. If you’re going to travel alone you had better have ¬†burried your demons. I’m having an amazing time, but I think it’s because resolved my issues. It would be hard if I was afraid of being alone or took offense when no one talked to me in a pub.

5. You really don’t need much to be comfortable in this life. We have so much stuff in the states and it’s not worth it. And you know I’m eating fair trade, local and organic on a budget.

Ps. Sue’s curry was amazing and she confirmed that, me staying in is living the local life yay!

More tomorrow on Cornwall.




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  1. Shannon says:

    Sophia and I have been watching Dowton Abby. Looking forward to tonight. I read that BBC only showed up to episode 5. PBS is streaming all if you miss 6.

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