Busy :)

So its been a while since I’ve posted. Its been kind of crazy, in a great way.  I got back from my DIR trip and needed to do laundry and clean etc.  And my schedule started taking hold.  Tuesday I went to Pilates, Wed. I went to the Chairty shop, Thur. I had a pilates make up class, then teacher (who was great btw) offered to let me assistant teach her Thursday morning classes.  Friday I went to London to meet my USC meentee for the weekend.  I was a little worried how we would travel together but it was actually amazing.  She and I were great traveling companions, we like to travel the same way.  We say the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, and Soho.  It was a fun weekend.  I came home Sunday, cleaned some more lol, and got into my routine.  I have to say even though I’ve been getting up early-ish its been fabulous.  Not working too hard but still having a reason to get up and go out.  Today was my first day assistant teaching. I miss teaching; it was so nice to be working like that again.  It made me miss Helaire and our Tuesday nights at Studio Pilates 🙂 All and all life is shaping up lovely.

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