Home in just over a week!

I am excited to be going home for a visit in just over a week.  Can’t wait to see everyone and eat some Mexican food lol.  Mostly see everyone, especially since my brother and sister aren’t much for the phone calls/skyping.  And neither is Tiera which means I haven’t seen baby Joey (7 months) since I left! She’s only posted one pic and emailed one where he looks way bigger!

Interestingly, my life here is really coming together.  I saw Kath Saturday morning at a little clothes sale.  Then Sunday after church I met some church people (finally) and chatted with them about babysitting.  In the evening I had roast Sunday with the housemates, then we went to quiz night at a local pub.  And still made it home in time to Skype my mom. Today I had lunch with a friend who works at a Fair Trade Shop in town and she was telling me about salsa nights, so it looks like I might be out and about more! All and all a great couple of days. I am feeling really, really happy.  I am sure it helped that it was warm and sunny and the sky was a bright blue today. 🙂

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