Sick :-(

So I am not sure if I have a sinus problem or a cold, although this happened to me in December too, so it might just be sinuses, but I am “sick”! And of course it was a gorgeous weekend here and I was inside blowing my nose the whole time, although I had my window open.  To add insult to injury I get on a plane on Wed. This needs to be over by then.

But to keep things light you will all be happy to know I made a list of things to take home and things to bring back to the UK with me 🙂  Crucial on the list, my mom reminded me last night, is my US phone SIM, lol.  Even though I have a list, I have to say I feel like I have been doing really well with my Lenten resolution of NOT obsessing.  Syreeta will be happy to hear I only check my budget like once every ten days when I have to, i.e. checking for deposits, paying bills etc. I am not worrying about money running out.  It will at some point but if I have to do my money vodoo to tie myself over it so I can go to Marrakesh, it will be worth it.  I didn’t come all this way to worry and sit at home, right?

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