Simple irreparable English changes to my diet

I had a very English food day today, with a few American adjustments.  Which, in fact, is itself quite English; they tend to take something native and make small adjustments making it their own, i.e. English Curry = Indian with English adjustments lol.  So what did I eat?

For breakfast, two crumpets with butter and jam, and of COURSE coffee.

For lunch, tuna with mayo and sweet corn (English) on tortilla chips (allll California).  Oh, and a small slice of carrot cake.

For dinner, a baked or “jacket” potato (the foil you bake it in is the jacket, I think) with carrots and cheese sauce (me!).  Usually people here just put grated cheese but I do love my cheese sauce.

So it got me thinking about the way I eat here.  For the first time in a long long time, I am not obsessing about everything I eat, or counting calories, or worrying about my weight.  Partly, I am sure, because without really trying I feel like I have been loosing it, we’ll see when I go home in two weeks and get on a scale, lol.  In any case, there are a few things that I think will change my life forever.

1) Why did I never think of sweet corn in tuna?!?!?! Its amazing, and for sure staying in my life!

2) Baked potato as a meal! Genius. Low calorie, high in potassium, quick in the microwave and yummy.

3) There is a concentrated liquid form of like Crystal Light here called squash.  Everyone drinks it, and I don’t know how I am going to ever live without it! I might have to import it when I get home.  Its also low calorie, but still adds flavor to your water.

4) Pudding, known to Americans as Dessert.  I eat it quite often strangely for someone who never kept junk food in my house at home.  Its just so cheap, and always on sale in tiny portions, I always think “awww, why not”.  I need to find a way to portion control cake at home lol.

5) Crisps, or Potato chips.  I swear I have never eaten as many chips over an entire year of my life as I have eaten in the two months I have been here.  And still no weight gain.  Now to be fair the small size chips here, is like the kiddie bags at home, so that’s probably helpful. And they all taste like Kettle Chips, like real potato’s, not processed food.  This is the one that really scares me going home.  I am going to have to kick my crisp habit lol.

And finally, I only eat out once a week here (unless I am traveling).  This by far is the biggest change, and probably the hardest.  There are things about eating out I miss, but I think mostly I miss eating out with people.  Its so social in the US, and I miss a quick Veggie Grill run, or ordering in Thai in my living room, or just going out on a Friday night with the girls. Well ok that’s not completely true, I also miss my favorite restaurants…Spicy Thai Eggplant yummmmmm.

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