A sentimental moment, 30,000 feet up….

Monday, June 19, 2012, 4:15pm GMT, on board Royal Air Maroc Flight AT800, Casablanca to London.

In this moment, I feel every emotion.  On my flight back from my last continent, two weeks from going home; a chapter of my life is truly closing and a new one opening.  After this so much will be different. I am different.  I even see my mom in a new, and I think healthy way.  I see myself in a new way.  I am proud of my life from 17, when I feel like this chapter started, to (soon to be) 34 when it is ending and a new one beginning.  One where I have bathed in the water and fire of trial and redemption, of getting everything I ever wanted and then figuring out whats truly important; figuring out what life is made of, and what I am made of.  I am scared and happy and in my heart, still.  I feel like I am living in the space between heart beats.  Before the storm finds me again.  I have made every continent,  I have lived abroad, and in the next chapter I will finally have an advanced degree and hopefully a husband! In some ways I am anxious to get home.  Well actually for the first time since January I really want to go home, and stay there.  I’ll miss England for sure (although not this pants summer).  But more than anything, I miss my friends.  This trip to Morocco reminded me how much.  It reminded me of India and the difference was great company (And a large man didn’t hurt with the harassment I’m sure).  And for the first time I’ve accepted myself as an extrovert.  I can’t do my entire life alone.  I don’t mind being alone, but I love my full life at home.  Friends who know me and love me anyways, who are my true sisters .  Sorors who fulfill the extrovert part of me, who make me laugh and give me purpose.  A great family who even though they aren’t as much like me as I once thought are still awesome; and we laugh like crazy people.  I think what I’ve missed the most about my life full of people is the laughing.  The gut wrenching, stomach ache, sore muscle making laugh.  I can’t wait to get home and laugh till I cry.  I missed you all very much.  And while I wouldn’t trade these past six months for anything, trust that I’ll never leave you again.


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