Family Vacay

So my family left a few days ago.  The days were so long, I couldn’t really write while they were here. We ended up NOT going to the cheese hill and just staying in Bath, which was great.  AND my mom ended up getting rid of the car, and buying train tickets, thank you Jesus.

It was not a trip I personally would have planned, but I think it was good for them to see the tourist stuff. We took those red sight seeing buses everywhere, and actually I saw some of Bath I have never seen, ha.  We also did the Roman Baths here, and the Bizarre walk, which was hilarious.

In London, we didn’t take the bus actually, we took the tube, and we saw the Olympic Park, and the Sherlock Homes Museum, and then the saga started.  So in Bath I realized, where as I like to wander around and discover, Niqui HATES that, and when I say hates, I mean DESPISES it.  So the prior evening, I planned out our entire next day, to the minute.  Where we’d go how we’d get there, which tube lines everything. So we left Sherlock Holmes ahead of schedule to go get lunch in Leicester Square before we went to the British Museum.  There was a place mom had found, that has gluten free fish and chips, in its own fryer and everything. So we get off the tube and GPS is sending me to a weird location even though the address says Leicester Square, but OK.  Almost 2 hours later, we have been wandering, arguing, my phone internet isn’t working to boot, and needless to say my schedule is out the window, I see a Library.  Since I have a Library card I think ok, lets go see if they have internet and we can call the place.  The very nice man behind the counter says he’ll help me and after another small saga, we call and come to find out, they had CHANGED THEIR NAME!!! AND NOT updated the website.  We had been in front of it all along.  I wanted to stab my own self. But WAIT, there’s more.  So we sit down, under an AC unit, because its like 80° in a packed city, and order. My food comes, Jason’s, Moms, and then Niqui’s we look at it and go, that’s gluten free? Its looks the same as the gluten version mom ordered, so they take it back and sure enough no, its regular.  Two minutes they say, for new fish.  AN HOUR later, when we are all done eating, Niqui’s food comes out.  Oh the saga.

Jason left the next morning and we went to the National Gallery, which was awesome.  Then we got salad at Marks & Spenser’s, no more fooling around with restaurants! And got on the train for Stratford Upon Avon.  This was the best part of the trip to me.  We stayed at this farm house out in the country side, that was amazing.  We ended up just eating in the room, food mom had brought.  Mom & I took a walk, saw the sheep.  It was awesome.

Stratford was nice, we found, after a little more of being lost, a nice restaurant with lots of gluten free choices.  And even had gluten free cream tea for dessert. The clotted cream was a bit hit 🙂 its my fave too. Then we bought some authentic old fashioned Italian Salami from a butcher, and some cheese for the train.  Around 5 we called a cab to take us to the train, which never showed! We ended up taking the red sight seeing bus, haha.  Then on to Cardiff.

We ended up in this cool little apartment in Cardiff with two bedrooms, two toilets, a bath, and a small kitchen.  I also found out, in that hotel, that I got into Columbia! More on that in my next post. Niqui had a bad flare around 1am, so we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, (well me more than her and mom), and she wasn’t feeling great in the morning. So we just took the red bus around, and instead of going to the Castle we went to this awesome outdoor museum called St. Fagan’s.  It has all these old houses transplanted from all over Wales.  And the site is gorgeous.  Then we went to the train station, mom changed over their tickets, and we all got on the 3:30 train, them for Heathrow, and me for Bath. That way they got to the hotel early and could sleep/rest.

All in all, it was a good trip.  I learned a lot about myself though.  How different I am from my family.  I am definitely the odd one out, which is helping me understand why they don’t understand many of my choices.  One thing is clear, we all love each other very much 🙂 And in the future, we need to be taking a beach vacation lol.

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