Marrakesh, Day 1

It really is day 1 since I arrived around 2am to my hotel!  It was a little sketchy driving up, there were a bunch of feral cats in the street but the inside is amazing.  It is like staying at someone’s house.  Breakfast was yum, lots of traditional Moroccan food, including this amazing “fruit juice” that is like an Indian Lassi.  Then I was a brave little girl and ventured into town all alone.  It was an adventure lol.  Lots of cat calls, and random men trying to talk to me, :-/ but not in too bad a way, I just did my “keep it moving” walk, lol.  I bought a regular dress, and this awesome Berber wrap pants/dress/belt thing and a cheap hat.  Let me also say, every salesman was named Mohammad. :-/ Oh and I broke my cardinal rule, and bought some sesame peanuts from a street vendor.  I ate some until I got a few that tasted like they had dirt in with the seeds.  Hopefully I don’t get sick! 

Then in the souk, I came across a bag stall.  One of the ladies in my Thursday Pilates classes asked me to find a bag for her.  So I asked Mohammad, about the bag and he takes me to another stall were I find it and spend my last 400 MAD on it, which is actually not terrible.  So then he asks me if I want some tea, so being American, I think, “oh, its made round the back.” lol 10 minutes later my awesome tea shows up.  He was very nice, and asked me to come round his house for dinner, to which I kindly replied, no thank you.  I did learn an interesting fact, here at least, the Muslim version of Shabbat, they eat cous cous.  And I had some local tea, AND I got dressed as a Berber.  NO, there are no pictures.

I actually left my camera in the hotel.  I figured, me, alone, looking not really European, I should avoid really calling attention to myself with a camera, although it donned on me, my English Cath Kitson knock off might be doing that lol.  Funny, one of the girls at the spa told the reception manager (on my tour) that I looked just like her sister, build and everything.

After my yummy tea, which actaully cooled me down instead of making me hotter oddly, I came back to the hotel.  I was briefly waylaid by Mohammed in a stall on my way back to the Hotel, but made it no problem.  Interestingly people don’t really understand when I tell them I am multi-cultural here.  Maybe its the language, but people don’t seem to get that no my Mom is Armenian and Italian and my Dad Mexican and Puerto Rican, I get the feeling its a foreign concept.

Then it was pool time.  Ahhhh. The hotel has an awesome pool.  Got my little bit of African sun and water, was attacked my a pool umbrella, the wind knocked it over and one of the spires hit me right in the belly 🙁  Then I had a traditional Moroccan massage, with Argan oil, soooooo nice.  Maybe I just haven’t had a massage in forever but maybe it was just that good.  Then more tea 🙂 Dinner is soon, I am going to um, stay in, away from the cats.

Tomorrow, I am signed up for a Moroccan cooking class and I am going to try to get an excursion for Sunday.  Maybe I’ll be brave and go see the tombs, buuuuttt maybe I’ll just lie by the pool. We’ll see, hehehe.

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