Marrakesh, Day 2

Today was chill.  Thats really the best word.  I got up had breakfast, looked at Facebook, had my cooking class.  Ok so cooking.  Not that hard.  Interestingly, cooking is cooking the world over.  We prepped our veggies, same as at home.  We made a cornstarch roux, same as at home.  Even most of the spices here, I keep stocked in my cabinet, well when I had a cabinet, at home.  To be fair, Moroccan is not THAT different from Middle Eastern, so I am  at an advantage.  I did eat my own food though (and took pictures) and it was super yum.  I will have to add it to my usual rep. Actaully for chicken, its better than many ways to cook it.  Although, the chef did a lot of the actual cooking, I got the point lol.  He didn’t speak great English, but as I say, cooking is cooking.

While I got hungry (we finished at 12 instead of 2 *blank stare*) I went to a shop close to the hotel that I found yesterday selling Argan oil and Kohl, bought a few things, came back and ate lunch.  I have decided, that while it is beautiful here, its not the spot for venturing out alone as a girl.  Even the art here has very few women.  A big group, like in India, seems fine, but me, alone – direct me to the pool please.

Which is exactly what I did with my afternoon.  I got a tan, lounged, read, dozed, chillllllled.  It did dawn on me though that this is the last of my opportunities to do so.  In an instant I think I will be back in the ultimate fast lane, New York City.  So I am thanking God for this last months, and last days, or leisure.  I will try to remember them when I  have assignments up the wazoo!

Not sure if they are going to have a show with dinner tonight at the hotel, fingers crossed though. And maybe I’ll go on an excursion tomorrow, orrrr maybe I’ll be back at the pool.  Whatever strikes my fancy.

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