Oh the drama….Marrakesh, Day 3

So, I woke up Day 3 with a bit of traveller’s sickness, noooooooo! All bad. I ate a little breakfast and spent the morning in my room watching tv.  By afternoon I felt safe, and got a bomb pedicure.  One of the best I’ve ever had in my life, in the hotel spa.  Then I had some chips (fries) and seemed ok.  Annnd I spent the rest of my day by the pool.  I am so nice and brown 🙂  By dinner I felt mostly normal, well enough to have the best fruit tart for dessert, yummmm!

In the morning, I had to get up early to catch my flight, which was fine.  BUT then I got to UK customs.  Of course, I got the same questions as usual, why are you here, for how long, what do you do, etc. Being my mother’s child, I answered honestly including the charity shop.  And the customs lady got all crazy, like you can’t do that, and I’m like, I don’t get paid, and she’s like its still work, you need a visa for that.  Then she leaves for like 15 minutes, and when she comes back, she says, normally they wouldn’t let me in but the immigration officer says its ok, but I have to leave as scheduled on July 2 and I can’t work in the shop anymore.  WTH.  Why would I bother getting a visa to be unpaid!? And she said I should have gotten a Tier 5 visa, which I looked up and I don’t even qualify for, so actually um no. After the shock wore off, I said a prayer of thanks! Apparently I was really meant to be here, with all the times I’ve been in and out.   WHEW!!!

I wrote a letter on the plane too, I’ll post it tomorrow. Happppyyy to be back in the UK and soon to be home 🙂 At least I’ll have more time to see a few more things before I leave.

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