Where I go from here…

So its the Queen’s Jubilee weekend, and fitting, I am feeling some Jubilee myself.  Now, after all these months, I know what my immediate future will hold, well a little at least.  I finally heard from Columbia University of New York, was accepted as a student in the Master’s of Science in Sustainability Management Program. So I get home July 2, and sometime before September 2, I will have to move to New York City before school starts after Labor Day. I am excited, but also nervous.  I got home from family vacation, and filled out my FAFSA within like 30 minutes lol.  There are just so many details.  Where to live, how much is it going to cost, financial aid, scholarships, what am I taking with me, will I have to use calculus in class? I haven’t taken a class in over 13 years, yikes! I need to take my Pilates cert before I go, so I can try to teach a little while I am in school, and make SOME money.  All these details are running through my head.  Oh, and I need flights, and do I come home for Thanksgiving if classes are out Dec 8? Mostly I am thanking GOD that I even got in.

So with all these questions, there is one thing I know for sure, this is the path I am meant to be on.  God has a plan for me, and this is it.  The last time I had felt this level of conviction, was high school, wanting to graduate early and go to USC.  Oddly my mom said, she didn’t know how we would pay for USC then, which I feel also now.  But that was where I was MEANT to be, that undergrad experience shaped my life, my faith, everything. I feel the same about this, that it will change me, and the outcome of my own life, in the way God wants me to be.  So, even though its a little scary, its also thrilling.  And my Soror Tiffany Williams reminded me, there’s always tutors, if I have forgotten some math lol. Amen!

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