Long time (oops) but in NYC!

So I just realized I haven’t posted since my birthday, OOPS! Well life is going great.  I moved to New York.  All my stuff got here ok – well mostly, I had one pan dented in transit.  Nimaako, my new roommate, as of today, have bought everything we need.  I am still waiting for my mattress to arrive and we need to do a little painting but we are basically there! YAYAY!

I had orientation all week, which went well, and I registered for classes.  I still need to meet with my adviser, which I am doing tomorrow, but I thought I should at least save myself a space in the classes I want.  I’m a little tired from all the running around, but not too bad.

So far, I like NYC.  I like the walking, even though I am HOT half the time but its nice to be so active again. Tuesday however we had torrential rain, which I was caught out in, with no umbrella.  It took 24 hours for my clothes to dry. Yeah it was that bad. It was horrible after the rain stopped, I was literally dripping everywhere, but during the storm, was lovely! Like being a kid again.

Classes start Tuesday, we’ll see how it goes!

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