One year already?

So arounnnndd this time last year, I had just gotten to England. I was reflecting on the plane back to NYC, after Christmas, how much things have changed, how much I have changed. I had the best holiday I have had in years at home with my family. I have now lived two places outside of California. I have traveled alone, a lot. Conquered my fears, found my way, settled my itch.  (Ok so I wrote this in the beginning of Feb, shame on me)

I went to a career fair Friday (March 1) and a lot of the jobs were on the east coast. Which was to be expected, and overall it went great for me, hopefully something will come out of it. As a bonus, it did two things, first, reassured me I will certainly get a job after all school. Not guaranteeing any salary, but I’ll have A JOB, ha. Second, I don’t know if I want to stay east indefinitely  But I also don’t think I want to graduate in August, or even December. The idea of getting a job then taking one class in Summer, two in fall, and capstone in Spring, is starting to sound perfect. Added bonus, then I can walk in May, you know, in an actual graduation.  This gives me a little more time on the east coast, some more money to enjoy NY and maybe a little trip back to Bath. And did I say mention money for cabs in NY in the winter, and the summer when I feel like I’m dying. My mom says, you know you are Cali born and raised, its not in your blood, lol.

I do miss my house, my family – or at least not needing to take a plane at the holidays, and mostly my crew(s). Because I have just hit the year mark, the missing is really setting in now. And its winter, we stay in more, and I miss the girls at my house, ordering in, pausing the movie 15 times for discussion, lol. I am enjoying NY though. I can not lie, I have an amazing life.

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