2015 musing and more travel to come!

So 2014 was a very strange year for me. Clearly I didn’t blog at all, but there wasn’t a lot going on, then there was, then there wasn’t. But what matters is not a lot of travel, for the Traveling Elizabeth. But to summarize in 2014, I was unemployed, then I got a great job. I was in love, and then I wasn’t. I was “homeless” then I got a great apartment. In all, I am doing very well. I never haven’t appreciated all that I have – my life, what I’ve been able to do, all that I am. But 2014 made me truly realize all of the things I have done.
And 2015 is the year where the travel is back, so far I have already booked my trip to Abu Dhabi in April, we have a layover in Paris for 14 hours on the way there and Manchester for 12 on the way back. It looks to be epic already. This year my brother is getting married, and my sister is graduating from college. YAY!
So I thought in this year of 2015 when the travel is BACK I would write down all of the “bucket list” type things I have done so far in my life, because when I think about it it’s pretty amazing.

I have:

Kissed the Barney Stone
Jumped off the cliffs at Ricks Café in Negril, Jamaica (50 feet into the ocean)
Gone parasailing
Toured the Guinness Factory
Rock climbed an actual rock (outside)
Seen the Perito Moreno glacier calving (pieces breaking off) then held a piece
Seen the sun rise over the Taj Mahal
Seen the sun rise over Uluru in Australia
Been to a show at the Sydney Opera House
Seen American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center, in NYC
Seen the Royal Ballet of England in the Royal Opera House in London
Practiced Yoga in India
Been to the festival of lights in Montreal (shortest day of the year)
Went to Made in America Music Festival
I’ve seen of course Tori Amos, Price, Tina Turner, Beyoncé, The Roots and Dave Matthews Band live
Touched Hadrian’s wall
Stood in the room where Mary Queen of Scots was born
Visited Hiroshima
Shopped in Kyoto
Salsa danced in Tokyo
Shopped in the Souk in Marrakesh
Sailed on Loch Ness
I have seen more shows than I can count, including Diana Vishneva and Cirque du Soleil.
I am sure there is more, I will just have to remember and update,HA.

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