Starting fresh in 2017. New blog focus.

Well I haven’t blogged in a VERY long time, really, since Jan 2014. But over the holiday break, my bestie Syreeta was here and challenged me to start writing again about living an ethical lifestyle on any budget. It all came up as we were discussion the state of the USA and how we can make a change in the world. How sometimes where you come from does matter – it impacts what you see the world, how you shop, and what matters to you. Sustainability, Fair Trade, Organic Produce – these seem like things reserved for the wealthy or at least well off. After all who pays $20 for ONE pair of underwear? So, I accept your challenge. I will try to tackle a few main points:

  • Our collective social responsibilitysocial responsibilit in general i.e. why should I care!?
  • Shopping on a budget for
    1. Ethically made Clothes
    2. Organic or Healthy Fresh Food
    3. Safe Beauty/Household items
  • Cooking healthy for less
  • Of course, TRAVEL!

Recently I had someone ask me how she can help her children be extraordinary. I answered give them exposure and financial literacy. I really believe without these two things, it’s really hard to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. I had a girlfriend tell me just the other day “I live paycheck to paycheck, but my mom lived paycheck to paycheck, that’s all I’ve seen, that’s what I know. How to I change that?” So she came over, we are both on a budget so I cooked food, and we did her budget. We figured out how she can pay herself and not the credit card company and we made a plan for what she wants in her life.

I believe the more one can be exposed – the more you see this world, this country – the more you see life is bigger than a $2 T-shirt.  The more exposure one gets, the more one wants to make sure what we buy is not enslaving another. Yet, as hard as I try, I still have 29 slaves.  So I pledge to work harder and to blog. YOU can figure out how many slaves you own and leave the number in the comments. Then come back next time to start the discussion on how we can live our values.  Find your slave number here:

Until then, loving each other, even our enemy, is a good place to start.

Blessing and light. – E

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  1. Syreeta Greene says:

    46. NOOOOOOOO! Thank you for sharing this and starting your blog again.

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