Try a Farm Share, you’ll love it!

As I write this, it’s raining in California – heavy, storming, windy rain. Rain always makes me think of food and farms. Because – having studied water, it’s the critical component in food production, and we are managing it so poorly throughout our country. So I thought today I would talk about getting healthy food, reasonably priced. I also got my veggie box delivery yesterday. A perfect blog storm as it were.

For a number of years I have participated in a Farm Share or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). This is a program where you get organic, fresh, fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer, cutting out the grocery store all together. They operate differently in different places throughout the country.

Here in LA its super convenient, they deliver, and you can customize your box. In New York City you have to go pick up your veggies and there is only what there is.

Either way, subscribing is usually a very affordable way to get fresh healthy food for less. This week I spent $34 and got:

1 lb purple potatoes
1 lb murcott mandarin
1 lb parsnips
5 lbs juicing oranges
1 bunch golden beets
1 lunch rainbow chard
1 bunch rainbow carrots
1 bunch cilantro

Farm Fresh to You (that’s my CSA) shows you the prices, so I pick what I know is a good price.  $1.50 for Kale or $1.99/lb for the potatoes etc.

The things I like about a farm share are:

1. Supporting local organic farmers, which is ethical and important for the environment
2. Saving money, by buying organic at lower prices
3. In this case, I didn’t have to go to the store (extra points!!)
4. I have learned about so many new veggies/fruits – Watermelon Radish, Kohlrabi, finger limes. I LOVE Kohlrabi and I never would have known about it had we not gotten it in our CSA when I lived in New York.

So what do you do with these strange new foods? A google search helps figure out easy recipes. I love to roast my beets. Parsnips are also delicious roasted. Actually when I lived in England, they were readily available in winter and I used to make them often. Now I have discovered the art of the Parsnip mash. Using like mashed potatoes. Boil them (I leave the skins on), then drain, mash well and add what you like. I made Bangers and Mash last box with parsnips instead of potatoes, YUM! If you have any questions, just ask me.

If you live in the greater LA area you can get $15 off your first delivery by using my referral code (more savings!!) Click here for a coupon ELIZ9877. Or Sign up at and use referral code ELIZ9877.

Sending you with love, light, and curiosity to find new paths.

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