Happy Earth Day (late)

I wrote this yesterday but I had technical problems, so here it is!

Happy Earth Day! I debated what to blog today, but while in the shower, which is where I do my best thinking, it came to me. I think everyone (mostly) agrees that “giving back” often benefits the giver more even than the receiver. Evidenced by the mandatory volunteer hours required in many high schools. So we volunteer and give to others, and in that giving, we receive.

Then why do we only take from the Earth? We receive air, food ,water, and everything we need to exist comes from the planet.  So we take from the Earth but we do not give? We don’t protect the atmosphere, the water, or the soil? This is what Earth day is all about. When we give back to the Earth through buying organic or sustainable food, using less water, producing less carbon, or planting a tree the Earth gives more to us in return.

The best example I have of this is the dust bowl.  Humans cleared the native grasses between 1900 – 1920, for farming, taking only and not giving. It wasn’t until around 1937 that the Civilian Conservation Corps planted more than 200 million trees and started educating farmers on natural soil conservation.  Once we started working in harmony with the land the dust bowl effect ceased. (I’m simplifying the issue, put you get the point.)

But there are personal examples too, less big picture and more every day. I have met some amazing people volunteering through Fair Trade LA, working for better conditions for the most vulnerable populations and our planet.  People who have profoundly impacted my life and still continue to. Working to improve the state of our planet has benefited me immensely. One of the biggest impacts has been my hair! With regular shampoo and conditioner my hair was just not as well nourished, dry and frizzy. Now its so much healthier and happier using Shea Moisture, good for me and good for the planet.

So today, perhaps we can all think about giving back to Mother Earth a little more every day.

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